06 Dec Natural Skincare for a Glowy Holiday

Natural Skincare for a Glowy Holiday   Hi lovely people, it’s been so long since I have published a blog post on here! I have been writing a lot on Instagram lately instead, but I really love this format because I can write more than a few sentences! I have been getting so into natural beauty products as I remove all the toxic products from my cabinet. Why did I stop using conventional beauty products? As BeautyCounter put it, “Over the past two decades, the European Union has banned close to 1,400 chemicals in the product formulas of personal care...

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14 Aug Love Your Lunch (With Kelly LeVeque) + Recipes!

TEEN GIRL REVOLUTION It’s complicated being a teenage girl today. We are told by society how we should act, how we should eat, what we should wear, and what we should look like. But wait — we’re all totally different! We shouldn’t even try to be the same. Instead, we need to relish all of our differences. This means embracing our flaws, our strengths and our quirkiness . . . everything that makes us unique individuals. We’re a new generation of teens. This time of our lives is special and we can live it our way. We will...

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06 Aug What Is the Ketogenic Diet and How Do You Get Started On It? (Guest Post by Louise Hendon)

This is a guest post by Louise Hendon, co-host of The Keto Summit and author of The Essential Keto Cookbook. She is so knowledgeable about Keto, and I am so excited to have her here today, sharing all of her knowledge with you all! What exactly is the ketogenic (or keto) diet? That’s something most folks are confused by, as keto is about more than just which foods to eat and which foods to avoid. If you’re currently grain-free, it’s definitely a way of eating worth exploring. Keto combines with paleo very easily, which is why it’s so...

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10 Jul My Trip To Italy: Pasta, Running, and Natural Beauty

As I am on the train now to France, passing the rolling hills and grape vineyards of the Tuscan countryside, I find myself already reminiscing about the amazing trip I had in Italy. The food, running, nature, sights, food, and food were so incredible, and I feel the need to tell you all about it. The flight from L.A. to Italy was long, but we packed a lot of things for our comfort. We brought lots of healthy homemade snacks, fluffy pillows and Mint-Rose spray for hydrating our skin. Primally Pure sent this spray to me...

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20 Jun Pizza Party with Cappello’s

We threw an epic PIZZA PARTY last night with Cappello’s, to celebrate my brother’s graduation! Imagine this: it’s a warm summer’s evening. The house is bustling with close friends and family, all eager to try what awaits on the table. And what is on the table? Why, Cappello’s cheese pizza! Also, a tray of freshly baked Paleo chocolate cupcakes, and vegan bruschetta made with Kasandrinos Extra Virgin olive oil. As people step outside with their warm, crispy pizza, they squeal with delight and exclaim, “WOW, this pizza is amazing! Where can I get it?!” When we tell...

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13 May “The Keto Diet” Book Review + Free Bread Recipe!

Keto.  It’s a word that’s been floating around a lot lately, and for good reason. What is Keto, you ask? It’s a diet (short for Ketogenic) built around eating lots of healthy fats, and very few carbs. Keto food is centered around nutrient-dense, whole ingredients to help burn fat and give you more energy. But of course it’s a lot more complicated and intricate than that, and it’s necessary to have someone explain all about Keto to you… Enter Leanne and her book, The Keto Diet!! I have met Leanne a few times in person after connecting on...

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15 Mar Expo West 2017 (Exclusive Video Interviews Included!)

  [embed][/embed] It is a sunny, warm day in Southern California. You pull up at a huge hotel crowded with people and saunter through the doors. You smell a multitude of foods being cooked, and see 80,000 people walking around, trying samples. Sauerkraut. Marshmallows. Bone broth. Paleo pizza. Cold brew. Bone broth. Granola. Pork rinds. Bone broth. The food options are so diverse, and they all seem to scream out, “Eat me!” You then wonder: Where am I? Is this heaven? In fact, it is EXPO WEST. You are at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California! [caption...

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18 Jul Good Fat, Bad Fat Book Review

Good Fat, Bad Fat by Romy Dollé {Book Review}   Eating fat doesn't make you fat. We are all starting to catch on to this idea, but do we all know the science to support it? I sure didn't! That is, until I read Good Fat, Bad Fat. The book is chock-full of information to answers all your questions about fat, such as: What happens to our bodies when we eat fat? What are the differences between the three types of fat? What actually makes people fat? What is the Ketogenic diet? What's the difference between good and bad fat? I want to start...

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26 Jun Summer Salad

A few days ago on Instagram, I shared how I used to hate salads. They were bland, with bad dressing and no toppings. Blah! But then, I realized salads could be flavorful and exciting! So I made this delicious summer salad from all the yummy fruits and veggies I had in my fridge. It was made out of a bed of organic mixed greens topped with an avocado rose, a peach rose, sliced fig, and chopped cashews. I dressed it with Primal Kitchen Foods Honey-Mustard Vinaigrette, which was incredible. I urge you all to get creative with...

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20 Jun Cookbook Review: Paleo Mug Muffins 2

Last month at Paleo f(x), I had the pleasure of meeting the amazing Heather Resler, of Cook It Up Paleo! Not only is she the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet, but she is literally an allergy-free baking genius. I kid you not! So when Heather she told me she had written another eBook, I was ecstatic to review it! With over 20 brand-new mug muffin recipes, Paleo Mug Muffins 2 is the perfect resource for the allergy-free baker or health enthusiast! Or just anyone who loves muffins. :) And this is where Heather’s allergy-free baking genius kicks...

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