20 Jun Pizza Party with Cappello’s

We threw an epic PIZZA PARTY last night with Cappello’s, to celebrate my brother’s graduation!

Imagine this: it’s a warm summer’s evening. The house is bustling with close friends and family, all eager to try what awaits on the table. And what is on the table? Why, Cappello’s cheese pizza! Also, a tray of freshly baked Paleo chocolate cupcakes, and vegan bruschetta made with Kasandrinos Extra Virgin olive oil.

As people step outside with their warm, crispy pizza, they squeal with delight and exclaim, “WOW, this pizza is amazing! Where can I get it?!” When we tell people that it’s actually grain-free, they are beyond delighted. Everyone is surprised that they can eat Paleo and still get to enjoy delicious pizza. The teenagers (none of whom are Paleo) are overjoyed by how delicious it is!

Everyone also grabs a few pieces of the Caper-Extra Virgin Olive Oil-Sundried Tomato bruschetta on their way outside. Folks are blown away by the amount of flavor harbored in the small piece of bread! Many people realize how amazingly smooth, yet aromatic the Kasandrinos EVOO is, peaking out of the appetizer.

By the time everyone steps outside, they are all so full of delicious food and don’t think they have room for a cupcake- but I insist that they try one! Oh boy, when people sink their teeth into the soft cupcakes, they are intrigued by how mildly sweet, yet rich and chocolaty the treats are. All 52 cupcakes disappear mysteriously… I even see some smuggled out of the party by a few guests! Everyone wants the recipe, so here it is. All I did was remove the coffee, double it, and bake them in cupcake tins for 15-20 minutes.

By the time all the food has been eaten, party guests are so full and content. Everyone sits at the tables outside, chats with friends, and just enjoys the stunning sunset.


All in all, the party was unforgettable. There is nothing better than a warm summer evening, a beautiful sunset, good friends, and the best food around.




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