08 Feb 3-Layer Chocolate Raspberry Cake

3-Layer Chocolate Raspberry Cake   A fluffy, rich Paleo chocolate cake smothered in a light raspberry whipped cream, topped with chocolate ganache, fresh raspberries and flowers.     What time is it? BIRTHDAY TIME! You heard me right, it's my birthday again! So of courseeee, I had to make another rad birthday cake for myself. As one does. This, I believe (and my family agrees) is the yummiest cake ever!!! The combination of dark chocolate and raspberry is divine.     The beauty of this cake is it can easily be made sugar-free/keto. All you've got to do is use a sugar-free...

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12 Oct Apple Spice Cake

 Apple Spice Cake   There’s just something about warm apples with cinnamon that makes my heart so happy! Maybe it’s because the combination means it is finally fall, or maybe it's just because apples and cinnamon is the best flavor ever. EVER.     I’m usually a diehard chocolate person, but I think I love this cake way more than I’ve ever loved chocolate cake. I know, I know!! I’m sorry if I’ve offended you. But I had to let you know the truth. It was for your own good, I promise.   I am not lying when I say this cake...

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20 Sep Emmy’s Lemony Blueberry Birthday Cake

Emmy’s Lemony Blueberry Birthday Cake   Finally, the recipe for the long-awaited birthday cake I made for Emmy Rossum!     After numerous days testing this beaut to get the perfect recipe down, I finally found the perfect balance of tart and sweet! It's moist and fluffy beyond measure. To get that perfect tart + sweet balance, it is chock-full of lemon zest, lemon juice, and blueberries. Then it’s sandwiched between to layers of luscious vanilla frosting, and topped with fresh blueberries as well.     I think this is my favorite cake I’ve ever made, and I’m sure it’ll be yours too!...

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23 Aug Chocolate Unicorn Cake Donuts

Chocolate Unicorn Cake Donuts   We all love chocolate cake donuts. But chocolate cake donuts covered in natural pink and blue glaze? YES PLEASE!   For today’s recipe, I teamed up with the über-talented Jade Pettyjohn. We got together and made these delicious donuts in a video for you! Click HERE to watch the video my brother Jackie Radinsky made.   And here’s the recipe so you can make it with your friends! Enjoy!   [yumprint-recipe id='113']...

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09 Aug Fudgy Keto Chocolate Almond Brownies

Fudgy Keto Chocolate Almond Brownies   Lately I have been crazing chocolate BIG TIME. BIG, BIG, BIG time. Like, 5 pieces of super-dark chocolate isn’t enough. Nothing is enough for me lately.   That’s why when people say they just aren’t into chocolate, I do. not. get. it. Chocolate is joy. Chocolate is excitement. Chocolate is life.       Alright, now that we’ve ascertained how very much I very much love chocolate, let’s get into these brownies. They were born—you guessed it—from my adoration of chocolate. Nothing was quenching my thirst for that rich, velvety flavor until I made my first batch...

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17 Jul Fluffy Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

Fluffy Dark Chocolate Cupcakes     I have been holding onto this recipe for a while because it is sheer perfection, and I wanted to release it at just the right time. But I couldn’t hold onto it anymore, for it’s the best-kept secret! The frosting is the fluffiest, richest, most delicious thing you’ll ever have. I’m not even a frosting person, but I eat this frosting by the spoonful. No joke.   The cupcake recipe is based on this cake. It is delicately sweet and oh-so chocolatey. I served these at my brother’s graduation party last year, and they...

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23 Jun Tahini, Matcha & Chocolate Dream Cake (No-Bake)

Tahini, Matcha & Chocolate Dream Cake (No-Bake!)   Every once in a while I make a dessert that is just poetic. Each flavor blends seamlessly into the other; the texture caresses your tongue with grace and ease. It is cold and creamy, filling your senses with the feeling of summer. In short, this cake is perfection.     In summer, I just cannot bring myself to turn on the oven—it’s already hot enough! That’s where no-bake cake comes into play. It requires zero oven time… only a freezer! Not to mention, it's Vegan, Paleo-friendly and low-sugar.     The layers of the cake...

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26 Apr Dark Chocolate Espresso Cake

Dark Chocolate Espresso Cake   I love birthdays. I think birthdays are the best thing ever. Why, you ask? Because CAKE. Every birthday is an excuse to make cake (and stuff in your face).   When I realized it was almost my dad’s birthday, I dreamt up the most magical cake for him [myself]. And this, my friends, is the cake come to life!     It has two darkkkk chocolate layers full of fresh espresso; two layers of fluffy, unsweetened whipped cream; two layers of smooth, shiny chocolate ganache.   You see now why I like birthdays so much, right?   And since my life...

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11 Apr Salted Caramel Brownies

Salted Caramel Brownies   Sea salt. Caramel. Brownies. What more could one ask for?     The brownies are rich, ooey-gooey, and full of a deep chocolate flavor. But wait—there’s more! They’re coated in a yummy maple caramel and crunchy flakes of sea salt. But wait—there’s more! They’re actually infused with Vital Protein’s collagen peptides for an extra dose of protein and gut-healing properties.     Everyone I’ve shared these brownies with has fallen in love with the flavor and texture of them. One person said they’re like a chocolate molten lava cake! I hope you enjoy these delights ;) If you like...

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27 Mar Keto Carrot Cake

Keto Carrot Cake   Spring has sprung! The hills of Southern California are electric green and sprouting wildflowers. The sky is blue, and the clouds are giganticly puffy. This carrot cake is perfect for days like these. It gets you in the spring mood, and because it’s sugar-free, you will feel amazing after eating it!     Oh, and did I mention the taste of this thing?! The cake is full of warming spices, plus the addition of carrot, which makes it taste like an Easter dream food. The frosting is slightly tangy and sweet, and the two flavors combined...

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