26 Jun Magical Unicorn Dream Frappuccino

Magical Unicorn Dream Frappuccino   Ok, ok. Where to start on this one? My mind is blown by this amazingness. It’s a {healthy} UNICORN SMOOTHIE. How did this all begin? Let me tell you…   As you may know, Starbucks released a drink in April that popped with bright pink and blue. They called it a Unicorn Frappuccino and it was so exciting! The downfall? It contained 59 grams of sugar. Um, no thanks!! The saddest part was that Starbucks marketed the sugar-laden smoothie towards kids. But who wants to feed their kids 59 grams of sugar in one...

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21 Aug Chocolate Power Milkshake

Chocolate Power Milkshake   Do you know my favorite part of summer is? Making smoothies for breakfast every morning!   Smoothies are my favorite way to get all my greens, superfoods, fat, protein and fiber into one meal. And they taste so good! The key to a healthy smoothie is not adding too much fruit/sweetener, because then it becomes too sugary.   Today I am sharing with you my new favorite smoothie recipe, which I have made practically every morning this summer! It is full of Rootz Nutrition Protein-Superfood Powder, which adds a delicious flavor to the smoothie, as well as...

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20 Jun Coconut Green Smoothie Bowl

Coconut Green Smoothie Bowl This smoothie bowl is my latest obsession! Packed with healthy fats, (helloooo, avocado and coconut!) nutrient-dense greens and refreshing mint, it is the perfect breakfast or healthy snack. I have also filmed a video showing you how to make it! Check that out here. Have a fantastic day!     [yumprint-recipe id='70']  All about coconuts plus how to open them!   ...

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20 Mar Dairy-Free Matcha Green Tea Latte

Dairy-Free Matcha Green Tea Latte   Rite, Sir. Time for Saint Pattie’s Day! As you may know, all leprechauns simply adore matcha lattes! It’s a FACT. This dairy-free latte is really easy to whip up. Also, it is perfect to warm your noggin, if it’s cold where you live.     Not only is matcha green tea just lovely in color, but it is also really healthy! I mean, it’s got 137 times more antioxidants than regular green tea!!! Sound amazing? It is! The sweetness of the coconut milk in this latte goes really well with the earthy matcha flavor,...

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07 Jan Iced Chai Latte

Iced Chai Latte   What does 95° weather mean? Cold drinks. What do cold drinks mean? Iced chai lattes.   But when I think of a chai, I think of an overly sweet, caffeine-filled drink. These chais are caffeine- and dairy-free, full of protein, and paleo! And incredibly easy to make and refreshing, of course. Now, who could not want that?   [yumprint-recipe id='52']         ...

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