12 Oct Apple Spice Cake

 Apple Spice Cake   There’s just something about warm apples with cinnamon that makes my heart so happy! Maybe it’s because the combination means it is finally fall, or maybe it's just because apples and cinnamon is the best flavor ever. EVER.     I’m usually a diehard chocolate person, but I think I love this cake way more than I’ve ever loved chocolate cake. I know, I know!! I’m sorry if I’ve offended you. But I had to let you know the truth. It was for your own good, I promise.   I am not lying when I say this cake...

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09 Aug Fudgy Keto Chocolate Almond Brownies

Fudgy Keto Chocolate Almond Brownies   Lately I have been crazing chocolate BIG TIME. BIG, BIG, BIG time. Like, 5 pieces of super-dark chocolate isn’t enough. Nothing is enough for me lately.   That’s why when people say they just aren’t into chocolate, I do. not. get. it. Chocolate is joy. Chocolate is excitement. Chocolate is life.       Alright, now that we’ve ascertained how very much I very much love chocolate, let’s get into these brownies. They were born—you guessed it—from my adoration of chocolate. Nothing was quenching my thirst for that rich, velvety flavor until I made my first batch...

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19 Oct Very Berry Paleo Pop Tarts

Very Berry Paleo Pop Tarts   Hey, friends! Today’s recipe is super special. For one, it brings back so many childhood memories, and will surely make you feel nostalgic. Secondly, this is a collaboration with my dear friend Heather Resler of Cook It Up Paleo!   Heather is the master of all things allergy-free pastries, so I knew we had to collaborate on this amazing pop tart recipe. The crust is a simple dough made from cassava flour (my new favorite grain-free flour to work with!), the filling is fresh strawberries, and the frosting is a scrumptious mixture of...

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15 Aug The Perfect Back-To-School Lunch

The Perfect Back-To-School Lunch   Hello lovely friends! Today's recipes are super special. Read all about them, including lots of tips from Kelly LeVeque for building healthy school lunches, HERE. All the yummy, healthy recipes are below!   These chocolate-almond muffins are to die for. Not only are they low-sugar, full of healthy fats and loaded with protein, but they're also SUPER yummy! Plus, they store in a lunchbox with no refrigeration required. [yumprint-recipe id='95']  The next food for an incredible, healthy lunch is this Tuna Salad. This version is Paleo because it uses Primal Kitchen mayonnaise. This makes it super...

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25 Jun Chocolate Chip Cookie-Hazelnut Squares

Chocolate Chip Cookie-Hazelnut Squares   Heyyy everyone! It’s been a while, and I’ve missed you! To make up for it, I’ve created something spectacular for you all to dig into. Everyone says they’re amazing. BUT, you can never fully trust people, so you better make these for yourself… ;)     Introducing: Chocolate Chip Cookie-Hazelnut Squares!!!! Yup, they’re 100% as insanely delicious as they sound. Just imagine a giant chocolate chip cookie topped with chocolate hazelnut butter, peanut butter cups, and roasted almonds, then cut into bite-sized squares. Uhhh… Yes, please! These cookie bars taste like a cross between a...

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27 Nov Nutella Fudge Balls

Nutella Fudge Balls   Nutella is a food that people all around the world put on everything! Crêpes, toast, fruit… you name it! The only issue is that Nutella is actually full of really harmful ingredients: refined sugar, unsustainable palm oil, soy lecithin, and artificial vanilla flavor.     So, I set out to give Nutella a makeover!!! I have a recipe for that on my blog, here. Today, I am making  “Nutella” balls. They are little chocolate-hazelnut bites full of protein and healthy fats. I mean, a chocolate- hazelnut ball made with avocado, coconut oil, protein powder and raw cacao? It doesn’t get any healthier (or yummier) than that!     I...

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19 Nov Classic Butter Biscuits

Classic Butter Biscuits   Happy almost-Thanksgiving, everyone! Today I am sharing with you a recipe so perfect for your holiday feast: Classic Biscuits. Because, what better way is there to express your thankfulness for loved ones, than by baking Paleo Biscuits for them?     These biscuits are soft, crispy, buttery and light -- all at the same time! They get their buttery flavor and texture not from butter, but from coconut oil! If you eat butter, though, I’m sure it would work great in place of the coconut oil.   The best part? All your friends and family won’t even be able to tell that these are actually healthy...

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21 Aug Chocolate Power Milkshake

Chocolate Power Milkshake   Do you know my favorite part of summer is? Making smoothies for breakfast every morning!   Smoothies are my favorite way to get all my greens, superfoods, fat, protein and fiber into one meal. And they taste so good! The key to a healthy smoothie is not adding too much fruit/sweetener, because then it becomes too sugary.   Today I am sharing with you my new favorite smoothie recipe, which I have made practically every morning this summer! It is full of Rootz Nutrition Protein-Superfood Powder, which adds a delicious flavor to the smoothie, as well as...

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27 Jun Strawberry Coconut Macaroons

Strawberry Coconut Macaroons   These coconut macaroons are a classic- but with a twist! A mild strawberry flavor pops through, followed by the nutty coconut flavor. They are seriously delicious.   Also, they would be perfect to make for Passover.   Guess what?! It only takes about ten minutes to make these, then only twenty-five minutes of bake time. That means you can have these macaroons in your mouth in thirty-five minutes. Ready, set, GO! [yumprint-recipe id='49']   ...

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13 May Superfood Granola

Grain-Free Superfood Granola   Mornings can be rough. Trust me, I know…   You're tired and groggy and you don't want to get up and make yourself a healthy, time-consuming breakfast. So you reach for the box of cereal. Pour a little milk on, and bam! You've got a breakfast. But there is a little voice in the back of your head who is calling out to you. It's been nagging at you, but you've just ignored it.   It says, "What are you doing, eating this store-bought cereal junk?! You know better than that! You know that it will only...

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