Paleo Pecan Sticky Buns


Mother’s Day is this Sunday, which means there’s a lot of pressure on us to do something nice for our mothers/mother figures. And I don’t know about yours, but my mother loves nothing more than freshly-baked Paleo treats! These sticky buns happen to be her absolute favorite.


These buns are:

  • LEGIT. Just as fluffy and ooey-gooey as a Cinnabon, but yummier.
  • Filled with a buttery cinnamon-sugar-pecan filling.
  • Sandwiched between two layers of coconut sugar caramel and pecan topping.
  • Jam-packed with Primal Kitchen Collagen Peptides for a protein boost.
  • Yeast-free, and super easy to make.

Basically, these are heavenly, and your mom will adore them… although we all know you’re really making these for yourself! No shame 😉


There are three main components to the buns: the dough, caramel, and pecan-cinnamon filling. Since these they are best eaten fresh out of the oven for maximum fluffiness, I recommend making the dough the night before Mother’s Day. Then, the morning of, you can whip up the caramel and filling, assemble the rolls, and bake. I hope you enjoy these delightful Paleo, grain-free, gluten-free, protein-filled buns!



This recipe is posted at Primal Kitchen–go get it!


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